Currently, ORCA is my personal project. I hope, I will find an active community to support the project. You can find support here


The ORCA wiki is a community-style manual for keeping information up to date. This should be your first step when trying to track something down. If you see something that is wrong or out of date, please take the time to update it. Note that you may be required to request privileges to make edits, though this should change in the future.


The forum is etablished and will provie a paltform to share experiances, help, support, and files. Use it.

Bug Tracker

Please use GIT to provide information about bugs of ORCA

If you need support regarding Keene devices, please use the vendor site.

4 Antworten auf Support

  1. klaus sagt:

    ich habe orca im fhemwiki gefunden.
    allerdings sind in der downloadversion von windows keine fhem beispiele drin?
    ich wollt mal sehen wie ein schalter oder dimmer eingebunden wird!
    da die einträge im fhem von 2013 sind bin ich nicht sicher ob es da da noch weiter geht?

    wie wird fhem abgefragt ??
    ich finde nirgens eine info??

    herzliche grüsse

    • wordpressadminuser sagt:


      das Wochenende nach Karneval werde ich eine neue, deutliche Verbesserte Version hochladen. Da wird auch ein FHEM Beispiel dabei sein.

      Viele Grüße

  2. Peter Ter sagt:

    i like to change the lay-out off the onky avr receiver remote control.

    I would like to add a page where i can directly select the right listening mode in stead off cycling through all the option.

    However i am a newbie and already stuk on openening a new page. I coppied an existing page, renamed it and would like to open this through a button on the main page.

    Please could you advice.


    • thica sagt:

      Hi Peter,
      sry for my late reply, I have been on leave and very busy after. I am currently in a mode of heavy redesign. What do you mean with „listening mode“ maybe I can adjust something for you.

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