Version 3.0.0 Canberra Released

For a long time I didn’t pulish new versions, because I developed massive changes to ORCA. Now it’s tme to release V3, the branch is called Canberra.

The main changes:

Importing definitions: It’s now possible to import defintions into a definition, which helps to create multi-device definitions.
Mediaplayer template: This is a generic, very customizable definition to control all kind of media player devices (TV/Receiver/SetTop Boxes/Kodi,…)
Mediaplayer Wizard: This is a template defintion, where you can add prepared settings for the Mediaplayer definitions

And tons of further minor changes

Please remove your old Orca Version before installing this version

Known Limitations:

This version hasn’t been tested intensly, so espect some bugs.
On Android, the Check für Network function is not working. Please use Ping!

Have fun

Über thica

Orca Developer
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