Welcome to ORCA Remote

Hello all,

if you are interested for the most flexible Remote Control Application for tablet devices, this is the place to be. Enjoy my software.

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Version 3.0.0 Canberra Released

For a long time I didn’t pulish new versions, because I developed massive changes to ORCA. Now it’s tme to release V3, the branch is called Canberra.

The main changes:

Importing definitions: It’s now possible to import defintions into a definition, which helps to create multi-device definitions.
Mediaplayer template: This is a generic, very customizable definition to control all kind of media player devices (TV/Receiver/SetTop Boxes/Kodi,…)
Mediaplayer Wizard: This is a template defintion, where you can add prepared settings for the Mediaplayer definitions

And tons of further minor changes

Please remove your old Orca Version before installing this version

Known Limitations:

This version hasn’t been tested intensly, so espect some bugs.
On Android, the Check für Network function is not working. Please use Ping!

Have fun

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Orca 1.1.2 released

Mainly, this fixes some issues with release update. In fact you need to to reinstall ORCA from older versions. Have fun!

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ORCA 1.1.1 Bugfix release

Just compiled a bugfix release. On definitions with two orientations it could happen, that ORCA shows wrong dimensions.

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ORCA Version 1.1.0 available for download

As already announced, a new version is now available for download at the download page. It’s only the Windows and the Android version. The Kivy Launcher version will not work on Android anymore due to missing user rights. The MAC version is missing as I do not have a MAC and currently have no time to deal with emulators to compile the MAC version.

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Forum moved to freeforums.org

I underestimated the workload to maintain a forum software (just the app not the content). So I decided to move the forum to a public hoster. The new forum can be found at http://orca.freeforums.org/index.php

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Version 1.1 coming soon


a long time without updates has been passed, so shame on me. The main reason was, that I was busy at work AND I introduced some massive changes to ORCA. Currently I am testing some last features and will update the Wiki & Forum.

The changelog to the new version:

  • Introduction of online repositories:

The ORCA package will just include the core files, any further files will be downloaded by an online repository for definitions, codesets, skins, languages,…. Developer can build their own repository to offer their work easily to ORCA users.  Weiterlesen

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Working on Sharp AQUOS Interface(s)

Just started to work on a new interfaces for AQUOS TV. In fact, I ordered a new SHARP TV and started to develop an interface for this (before I got it), using public information. After I got the the TV , I recognized, that this model has a complete undocumented way to get controlled by LAN

This brings me to the following situation:

One complete developed interface and assignment, which is untested, as I do net have a TV to test it. So likely, it is not working properly.
One complete developed interface which is working with my new TV, but the assignment is incomplete due to missing information by Sharp.

Keep you updated.

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No IOS Version short term


I played a little bit around creating the IOS version. As I am quiet confident, that the app would run on IOS, I would have to spend too much money to create the app.

You NEED to have an IOS device (iPhone, iPad)
You NEED to have a developer license
You NEED to have a distribution license

At all , minimun of 500 €uro to spend for a freeware application. I am not willing to do this.


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MACOSX version coming soon

just finished the MacOSX version. I need some final testing before I make it available for download. Started working on the IOS version as well…

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Release Version 1.00.0 available for download

ORCA in release version 1.00.0 is available for download. This is the first ORCA release and is available for Android / Android Kivy Launcher and for Windows.
Documentation is available in the Wiki, for feedback and support use the forum.
Have fun!


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